Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hell Yeah, I'm Proud of Myself!!!

I raced twice this weekend at Camp Pendleton's World Famous Mud Run.

Sunday was a team run, which was a blast. It felt excellent to earn a medal for our efforts.

But I have to say, my biggest source of pride was from my performance on Saturday's run.

I placed 8th in my age group of 40-44 at 1:01:23, but here's the coolest part of all.

Only 25 women TOTAL in the whole race that day (singles) beat me. That's it.

I beat all women in the 25-29 category except 8.
I beat all women in the 30-34 category except 3.
I beat all women in the 35-39 category except 2 and I tied a third.
I beat all but 7 women in my 40-44 category.
I beat all but 2 women in the 45-49 category.
I beat all but 2 women in the 50-54 category.

Honestly, this race is my proudest moment in competition to date. I worked my ass off! I pushed myself as hard as I could go, but kept a pace I knew I could sustain.

If I had it all to do over again, I'd pack myself into the front of the starting line, as looking back, I am convinced that's what kept me from getting a medal. That is a hard lesson to learn. It was my own damned fault that I waited around wondering where everyone went rather than getting my ass to the starting line.

I should've been more aggressive once I got there to make sure I was at the front.
That's okay. It sure as hell won't happen again.

But I'll tell you what, out of 3075 runners, I came in 224. And only 25 women beat me.

That is FREAKING stellar!!!!!!

There is no greater sense of accomplishment in my book that what I get from Team CrossFit Academy and my training.

Damn, I love winning!

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