Thursday, March 10, 2011

Elizabeth PR

I PR'ed on Elizabeth today. I did it to standard (95#) and shaved 5 mins off my old time at 24:14 today.

The cool thing is the last time I did this, I failed at at least 9 of my cleans. I didn't fail at any of them today.

Last time during the "21's", I could barely do one ring dip at a time, and I failed on a LOT of those.

Today I started each set with 5, then went to 3's, then 2's.

I'll never forget watching my first CrossFit Games in 2009. I remember thinking "if I could learn to clean 95#, that will mean I am getting somewhere".


Good thing is, the ante keeps getting raised. At last year's Games, the women were cleaning 135 like it was nothing. I imagine this year it will be 175.

That's cool. I'll keep forging ahead...continually trying to catch up to the best.

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Samantha said...

Hi, Stranger! I sent you a friend request on Facebook but wasn't that sure it was you until I looked at the blog and saw the picture at the top!

I hope we can reconnect - I don't CrossFit, but have become a regular exerciser who loves strength training...but for me, a 60 lb barbell is the max ;-)