Friday, November 14, 2008

Christine PR on my Birthday!

Today is my 44th Birthday.

Whoopee! Today I went to Crossfit. On Fridays we do "Happy Hour" wherein we get to pick the workout we want to do. I picked "Christine". I've done it many times; it's always a challenge.

3 rounds for time
500m row
12 deadlifts at 1/3 bodyweight
21 box jumps

So today I looked at the board at the other's times, and I figured, "if I do this in under 18 minutes, I'll be happy". I did the first round in under 5 minutes. It was then I got the idea that I would shoot to do this in under 15 minutes, and I did!

I did the workout standardly with a time of 14:28. Only 3 more women are ahead of me on the board. And I just found out this is a 2:30 improvement over my previous best!

Very cool.


AdventureSeeker said...

Happy belated birthday! We'll have to celebrate when I get back.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon. Former TCFA instructor Ryan here. From reading your blog I see you are doing well. Congrats on your CrossFit success. Taking 2:30 off Christine is a great accomplishment. On a previous post you mentioned the desire to open a CrossFit of your own. I am sure you heard my wife Kate and I and 4 others opened down the road in Monrovia. I would be happy to tell you everything I have learned about training and opening a CF gym. Stop by anytime.

Best of luck to you,

Trail Runner Con Dios said...

Just found your blog off Lisa's very cool!

Love your goals, love working out with you; even when you dust me.

Stay the course, you're learning from the best. Rushing will just get you half-assed results.

Michael said...

I made my way here from your post on the Academy's web site, and now I know that I am four days older than you!

That was fun this morning. Did you see that Vanessa corrected my total to show it (properly) as one fewer than yours? :-)