Thursday, November 13, 2008


OK. So humility isn't a quality I possess much of, and I can admit I could use a bit of it now and again. I just get so excited about whatever I'm excited about, that sometimes I want too much too soon.

Case in point.

Today I realize that the reason the Crossfit Monrovia that I go to is so damned good, is because of the leadership there. Both Eric and Vanessa are absolutely excellent trainers--indeed the best. They both take their roles seriously and in my opinion, deliver world class coaching.

I do want to open a Crossfit, but the key word here is as Eric says, "when I've earned it."

I realize that I have a lot to learn and experience before I am ready, as I would want to offer anyone who stepped through my doors nothing less than what I get now--the best!

However, I am NOT of the notion that everything in life has to take "a long time". I do believe that we KNOW things, far more than we're allowed to believe, than anything can be learned, and with great enough focus, it can be mastered in years, not decades.

Ultimately I believe that if we persist, we will get better. Otherwise, why do it?

I can and will do this...when I am ready and the time is right! And when I do, I hope to do it with grace and humility and with the blessing of those who have trained me. That's when it would mean the most!