Friday, December 12, 2008

Fight Gone Bad....Later

So Crossfit Monrovia had a Fight Gone Bad Competition last Saturday. Most anyone who visits my blog would know what this is.

Here I am doing push-presses--obviously a few rounds in, as is evident from the pain etched on my face. Damn, this was hard!

My score was a respectable 197--not bad for a first timer! Anyway, here's a photo from that.


Mountain Goat said...

Darn right that's not bad..197!I think my first one was 185ish. My best so far (and I've only done 3) was 204; I managed only 203 on this last one. are awesome and you will get your own Crossfit place one day with your positive attitude. I read what you said about us "knowing" some things. I think you are talking about intuition. I too believe we have some innate knowledge that we are often unaware of. It takes courage to pursue our goals and you sound like you have plenty of that!

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Mountain Goat said...

Ohh..I just read what you would do to the goat so that you could get out of the well. I guess Mountain Goat understands that, being that she is a rational goat. However, she hopes it was not a mountain goat of which you were speaking....and hopefully an old goat. :)

Trail Runner Con Dios said...

hahaha, poor goatie girl.

Excellent work Shannon, and loved playing with you this morning.

AdventureSeeker said...

Nice! Believe it or not, I still haven't done FGB! Sigh, one day....

I'm still not recovered enough to join you tomorrow at CF.