Saturday, December 20, 2008

Moving Into Heavier Territory

Allright! So today's workout was a Texas-something. We had to do one deadlift at either 20 pounds under body weight or half of our max. I chose 20 lbs under body weight, as it was heavier (and Coach LeClair recommend going with the heavier weight). My bodyweight is 130 and I did 115, so I was a little heavy, but close enough.

The idea was to do 1 deadlift per minute, only each minute you increased the repetitions by one. The game was to see who could last the longest. I made it to 14 deadlifts, but could not manage 15! But, what a cool win to do that many with a fairly heavy load.

But the really cool part of my day began at 10am with the O-lift class. Today we did assessments, which means we found our maximum loads in specific categories. Here were mine:

Deadlift 160
BackSquat 90
Bench Press 75
Shoulder Press 65
Pull Up 0
(Hung from Pole Instead) 1:39:63
Snatch 55
Clean & Jerk 65

I'll be given a program specifically around what I am capable of. I am so excited about this!! I have never had any interest in lifting weights before Crossfit, because I had a fear of looking like one of those puffed out bodybuilder-steroid-weird-women types. But now I know that's not going to happen, as they get that way doing stuff we don't do at Crossfit--like drugs for one. Instead, I am thrilled with the idea of truly BEING strong. My women friends at Crossfit agree, it is EMPOWERING to be a strong woman.

I can't wait to get started!

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Mountain Goat said...

Hey girl:

I'm impressed with your Texas whatever..that sounds tough!

Great work on joining Nathan's O-lift program. It doesn't work with my schedule or I would be there with you. The best I can hope for is for him to give me a plan I can work at on my own and I'll pop in when I can.

Thanks for your post in regards to my FRAN. You bet it's hard! FRAN is a beast and not many women at our Academy have managed her to standard yet. Remember what Coach LeClair drills into us: Mechanics, Consistency and then Intensity...always in that order. Just work for completion if you decide to go to standard and forget about the time for now.

Believe me, I have to talk myself into not feeling bad about being slower on some of these Benchmark WODS. Like I said on my Blog, I will be elated to finish FRAN to standard, even if it takes me 20 minutes! One our top men took 18 minutes to do FRAN to standard and now he's down to 7 mins and change!

Hope to see you around soon.