Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cindy PR!


I PR'ed on Cindy last week (AMRAP in 20 of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats--finally making it to 15 rounds.

8 rounds was all I could eek out 5 months ago, 12 rounds 3 months ago, now 15.

And what I really dig is knowing that I can do even better.

My heroes, Donna, CJ and Anel hold scores of 16, 19 and 19 respectively.

My friend, CJ, blows me away with how strong she is. She weighs 112 and can front squat 145.

The best thing about seeing that is KNOWING that I have so much room to grow.

I weigh 122 and my front squat just hit 120 recently.

Thank the gods my boyfriend loves a woman with muscles, cause I'm not going to stop lifting any time soon. This is more fun that Christmas!

Another thing I find interesting is that tearing (my hands) barely fazes me any more. It's more of a nuisance (and a pain in the ass while they are healing)than anything else. Even the thought of washing my hands used to send the fear of death down me. Now I'll just pick off the skin, pour on the "stingy" soap and get it over with already.

That's it. CrossFit just makes you tougher.

(By the way, this is an old "tear" pic. I only tore 2 very small ones this time.)