Monday, October 12, 2009

If You Don't Stand for Something....

Recently, I've had the opportunity to really be challenged regarding what I believe. Interestingly enough, this has occurred in many areas of my life. However, the one that stands out the most has been a challenge to "why I teach CrossFit".

I have a fitness Boot Camp. Although CrossFit based, it only incorporates 85-90% bodyweight only workouts, due to the fact that it is outside. I occasionally incorporate kettle bells, medicine balls (thanks, Eric and Vanessa!) and dumbbells, and we still have WOD's that vary in intensity and length--just like a "regular" CrossFit. We use zero barbells, and we don't do any of the power or olympic lifts, so it is not "truly" CrossFit, but otherwise, it is the same.

That being said, I teach what I have been taught.

With the exception of this ONE client, ALL of my clients have seen improvements across all 10 general physical skills to one degree or another.

This one client who didn't improve, ultimately turned against CrossFit and it's methodologies saying they were "unsafe" and "a fad."

This client (now ex-client) told me that dumbbells and kettlebells should only be used for curling and that machines in "Globo Gyms" enable him to do "standard" lifts.

He runs 2 5K's about 3-4x per week. And indeed, his most recent 5K was an improvement over his last one.

But so was mine...only I didn't run hardly at all. The ONLY running I did was a 5K 3 months prior (in which I also PR'ed), some running with my clients when our WOD's called for them, a few sprint workshops with Kristy or with my clients, and whatever 200, 400 or 800 meter runs any of the CrossFit WOD's I did in the last few months called for.

Additionally, I also improved my deadlift, backsquat, frontsquat, snatch, clean and jerk, press, bench press, max deadhang pull ups, max CTD push ups and max kipping pull ups during the same interim.

Yet this client is CONVINCED that CrossFit is junk. I even suggested he try a CrossFit that offers 100% of what is recommended (so he could experience the true strength training element), before he could pass judgement on such, but instead, he referred me to an article he read stating that CrossFit is a fad.


The best thing this experience taught me was that I DO WHOLEHEARTEDLY BELIEVE IN CROSSFIT. It is a legitimate, proven program, and this gave me a great opportunity to defend it.

After going to Bally Total Fitness for TEN YEARS and running 2 miles almost daily, I could do ZERO push ups, ZERO pull ups and lift ALMOST ZERO weight when I found Team CrossFit Academy.

For me, the proof is so strong, it is irrefutable.

But much like the article Eric posted last week, it isn't for everyone.

And I'm okay with that.

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