Friday, October 3, 2008

Crossfit and Hydrogen-On-Demand

Crossfit WOD 09/29
28 Squat Thrusters at 95 lbs. (Women's Standard)
28 Pull Ups
I did the Squat Thrusters at 65 lbs. (Hard as shit!)
Did the pull-ups with the aid of a giant rubber-band.

Crossfit WOD 10/01
Deadlifts (Bodyweight) plus push ups from same bar as many as you can in 20 mins.
I did 35 (130 lbs) That was tough for me!

Crossfit WOD 10/02
Women's Standard 155lbs overhead--walk as far as you can--2 attempts
Broad Jump--2 attempts
Farmers Walk--Women's standard 24kg kettle bells--walk as far as you can
Run 1.5 mi for time.

I attempted 125 lbs. overhead, but couldn't lift it. Settled for 105. Walked 105'
First try, did 95 lbs., made it about 300'.
Broad Jump 6'
Farmer's Walk--did amazingly well--674'
1.5 miles 11:47

I am the Dissemination Secretary for Water4Gas
We educate people how to build and install hydrogen-on-demand systems for their existing cars. This is great technology! Not only can you increase your gas mileage--25% up to 100% or more--your smog emissions decrease dramatically. Add to that an increase in power, and this is the wave of the future. I think I have the greatest job in the world, because I know I'm helping to save the planet and free us from the bondage that the oil companies have us in.

I also like what we do, because until the government decides to tax water, you won't be killed by the cost of refills!

For more information visit my affiliate website at or call me at 909-581-9744.

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