Friday, May 1, 2009

Wins out the Yin Yang

I did Franken Helen today.

Franken Helen is a combo of Fran (65 lb squat thrusters and pullups in sets of 21, 15 and 9) and Helen (150 20 lb wallballs to the 10'mark. For this workout we did 150 16 lb wallballs to the 8' mark in 3 sets of 50).

About 4 months ago, Fran alone with a 45 lb bar and jumping pullups took me 22 minutes. I had nightmares for weeks afterwards from that experience. It scared me to death!

Today I did both in 28:40, and I did the pull ups and squat thrusters to STANDARD.

Heck yeah!!!!

This is so cool.

I also did 5/3 dips yesterday with a 5 lb weight strapped to me. Unbelievable. I couldn't even do 1 standard dip not 4 months ago.

I did 3 dead hang pullups in a row. I did one max deadhang pullup with 10 lbs strapped to me. Just a few months back, even a 2.5 lb weight was IMPOSSIBLE.

CrossFit is the ultimate sense of accomplishment! I am telling you right now, I will be doing this when I'm 80 and blowing away 20 year olds.

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Mountain Goat said...

Fran dang tastic! Your consistency is paying off. Take care of're on a winning spree!