Friday, January 22, 2010

Elizabeth is calling my name

Ever have one of those days where if you don't get a hard workout in, you just might kill someone? Last night was one of those.

I wanted to do something HARD. Indeed, being on the leader board and vying for a spot on our women's team for the Games gives me PLENTY of options.

I felt intimidated by the scope of Elizabeth. My PR on the Clean is 108, but that's a Power Clean. These 21-15-9 Cleans at 95# have to be real cleans.

Vanessa gave me an excellent idea and suggested I do a "Mini Elizabeth" at 15-9-6 just to try it out for size. Good call.

The cleans were a real challenge, and definitely not fast. But I did them. The ring dips, much like my recent foray into multiple HSPU lead me to muscle failure and having to wait to be able to do them one at a time.

But I completed my Mini Liz at 29:00 (or thereabouts). That means the whole baby would've taken me close to an hour to CJ's 17 something?

But I'm okay with that.

The fact that I can even pretend to attack Hero WODs is fucking awesome. Is this really me? Sometimes I feel like I am living in a dream, because this life is so beyond what I once believed I could have.

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