Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Standard is Becoming Standard

I did Grace tonight to standard. 30 Clean and Jerks at 95 pounds. I was pretty nervous going into it, as my max Clean and Jerk is only 103, and 95 pounds is akin to doing 90% of my 1RM 30 times.

I took my time. I failed probably 1/2 a dozen times--either in the clean or the jerk. My time is nothing that will impress anyone at 22:21 (or something like that).

The last time I did Grace was probably 7-8 months ago with 65#, and it took me about 30 minutes.

However, I did it to standard this time.

So you know what that means? That means I can do it again, and if my past stats are any indicator of my future ones, I'll get faster and faster, and before you know it, I'll have a Grace score anyone could be proud of.

I did Diane last week. As part of the try outs to see who gets to be on our affiliate's team for the CrossFit Games, we do have a women's standard, as several of the heavier Warrior WODs came up in the draw. Thus, for us, Diane's "standard" for the deadlift was 155.

So I did 21-15-9 of Handstand Push ups and 155# deadlifts. Once again, VERY SLOW. I finished in 29:29. But I did it to standard.

It wasn't the deadlifts that were the problem. I even managed the first set unbroken. But right around the middle of the set of 15, my HSPU started failing. I had taken my muscles to failure. So I had no choice but to WAIT.

I had to WAIT for the glycogen stores in my muscles to replenish, so I could go another time.

All I know is the next time I do it, in 3 weeks, I'll be faster and better.

And some day, I predict it will be later this year, I might even be able to start competing with the "big girls"--those badass women who are the best of the best nationwide. I will get there. I will be able to hold my own against them.

You just wait and see.

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Mountain Goat said...

You already have the mind for this; that's where most of us struggle. I really respect the goal you have set and the gains you have made. Your body will just keep getting stronger because your mind won't let it choose otherwise! Your only concern is over-doing. So keep checking in with your coaches and be good to that body.