Friday, March 27, 2009

80 Pushups--Well I'll be damned!

Yesterday I did the Maltz Challenge (scaled)

400m run
50 pull ups (standard)
200 meter farmer’s walk with 45lb DBs (40lbs)
50 dips (on a BAT)
100 push ups (80 standard, 20 from the knees at failure)
50 knees to elbows (attempts, but all almost touched the knees!)
100 situps
400m run

My time 42:24 ish

I wasn't thrilled with my results, and today it hit me. WTF! Shannon, you just did 80 pushups to standard, and only resorted to "from the knees" at failure. I did 80 pushups to standard! Whoooo! Wow! Holy cow!

Funny what we take for granted, but I still recall my first Murph, in which NOT ONE pushup was to standard, and I even failed from the knees having to do my last 15 as half-dip knee pushups.


This stuff really works! (Duh.) And even though I "know" that, I am still continually amazed by my progress!

Life is good.


Trail Runner Con Dios said...

Hellloooo..... you also did 50 Pull-ups to standard girlfriend! Check your log, it wasn't maybe 90 days ago that you were still on singles...

I so love watching your progress, you give me constant inspiration.

Thank you my friend and I am really looking forward to having you join us at The Academy.

AdventureSeeker said...

Shannon you are bad-ass!