Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Intensity (or Lack Thereof)

Last week we did a WOD of AMRAP in 30 minutes of dumbbell squat thrusters and a 400 m run. The standard was 25lb dumbbells, I did it with 20lb weights.

However, one thing I did right, was I was INTENSE! I went to that workout with a fire, and I worked extremely hard. I was breathing very heavy the entire time, and at the end of the 7th round, with about 30 seconds to go, admittedly, I dropped the weights and dropped to the ground to rest.

I know it took me at least a full minute or two, breathing like I'd just escaped a fire, before I was finally able to calm down.

Now THAT was intensity!

The next day, it was like I was on fire! I had so much energy, I was blown away.

Intensity is Force X Distance (or Work) divided by time. The more work you do in the least amount of time, the more intensity you will create.

I realized this morning that I do the WOD's at an intensity way less than I am capable of. Pushing myself harder is my next goal. Currently I'll work fairly hard, but I rest way too often and for too long. I need to be prepared to work my ass off as fast as possible!

The goodies come from the intensity. I want more goodies.

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