Thursday, April 2, 2009


I have read that when your resting heart rate upon waking is 5-10 bpm above normal, that is a sign of overtraining. Mine went to 56 this am. It's usually in the 44 to 51 range.

I have read that if you do a workout, and despite your best effort, you results are terrible, that is a sign of overtraining.

I've done sprints at Arcadia. My best mile was 7:35. My worst at a sprinters pace was 8:05 (or thereabouts).

Yesterday, I did the CrossFit Endurance WOD from Tuesday which was: run for 20 mins at 95% RPE (Rate of perceived exertion--defined in this case as very hard exertion).

I ran as hard as I possibly could. I could not go any faster.

The best I could muster was 2.35 miles in 20 minutes---essentially a 9 minute mile. This sucks!!!! I haven't run this poorly in a very long time.

So I refuse to feel bad about taking today off. And as we have a race on Saturday, I am also going to take Friday off. (I also have to acknowledge that just maybe running the marathon had something to do with this?)

The good news is I have no more races until Mt. Wilson!

This means next week, I'll be back at CrossFit and O-lift full force. Only this time, I'm going to make sure I rest as RX'ed!!


Mountain Goat said...


Smart girl. We all have to learn. Keep that strong head, just use it wisely!

See you Saturday at the track..and not for betting on the ponies!

Trail Runner Con Dios said...

Yeah, good point... it's a fine line between working hard enough and working too hard.

I'll see you in the morning, and hey... we need to get the hotel booked for the mud run. Shoot me an email at so we can work out the details.

Also, are you going to the CF Game regional qualifiers on the 17th and 18th in Newport Beach? I'm on photo duty for Vanessa and would love a partner in crime. I think we can also stay local at my brothers instead of driving home.

What do you think?