Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yeah, Baby! Damned Fine 5K PR!!

So I am closing in on the elusive 24 minute 5K! Today, my gun time was 24:19, although I lost about 3 seconds getting over the starting line. Either way, I am thrilled! I averaged a 8.063 minute mile! Here's my race recount, done derby style.

And she started around the track at Santa Anita quickly out of the gate. This middle aged mare seemed in fine shape. Oh! She pushed her way through the crowd to find herself a nice nitch to run with. Oh! Man! And a PR at mile one at 7:23. Trying to maintain this speed, our horse, Shannon kept the pace. She rounded the corner of the arboretum, withstanding a peacock's ass who had its tail feathers all in a huff for everyone to see. Wow! Our mare, Shannon managed mile two at 15:30, an 8:07 second mile...not bad for the old girl.

And she came into the home stretch, pushing her way past a few other mares. Oh, no! Oh! It looks like she lost a little steam. Hope, the seasoned favorite has made her move, passing our girl, Shannon. Oh, no! Now it's CJ rounding the corner leaving Shannon behind. Oh, and who's this? It's Raquel? Wait? Isn't she a filly, too young to be in this "Masters Class?" I guess not. Yes, that little filly's defeated Shannon the last few races by a few lengths.

As she entered onto the racetrack, the sand slowed our horse Shannon down a bit, but the old girl still pushed hard. Raquel was just ahead. Did she do it? No! Raquel defeated Shannon yet again...only this time by 5 seconds!

What a race!


Trail Runner Con Dios said...

I can almost hear the PA...

Congratulations Filly!

I watched you weave your way out of that opening pack; it was quite impressive!

AdventureSeeker said...

Yeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaw!

Mountain Goat said...

Hey..maybe you should apply for the track announcer job..that was really good!

Great work Shannon. beat me at the marathon and soon I'll have to be watching my back at these shorter races!

You and these other up and coming mares are making me have to work and try to get faster or force me into early retirement..glue factory, here I come!