Thursday, April 16, 2009

Preparing for Pain

So it has become extremely clear to me that in order to progress to the "bad ass" status I so covet and admire, I will have to welcome pain. I mean a lot of pain.

Nathan kicked my ass last night at O-lift during the mini-WOD. He kept pushing me "not to stop". It was a short WOD, for god's sake! I kept stopping, b/c it hurt. Wah!

Afterwards, he and Brian were talking about how getting stronger is not about avoiding pain. They said that it hurts even worse the stronger you get, b/c you push that much harder and faster. But you just learn to deal with the pain.

That is the key. There still is pain-- a LOT of it. You just focus and push past it.

Your body learns to adapt. Like Nathan said, "After a while, you can't go any faster. Your body has no choice but to adapt." So in other words, where 10 pushups would've caused pain before, now you can do 20 in the same amount of time. It still hurts, you just do more. Then you push it to 30, then 40. Each time, you push it to the most pain you can handle. That's where the "goods" come. That's where fire-breathers live.

It's time for pain.

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