Monday, February 23, 2009

2 New Cool PR's

Tonight we reassessed for my Olympic Weightlifting class. Scary, but true, my max backsquat just 9 weeks ago was a mere 90 lbs. Now it's still "mere", but DAMN, what an improvement. I backsquatted 130lbs tonight!

On top of that, now that I have kipping pullups, I've been trying to get a deadhang pullup. I have one of those home pullup bars that goes over my doorway. About once a week, I'll pull it out and attempt a dead hang. So far, no go, and I've had it since Christmas.

Well tonight, one of the assessments was max # of deadhang pullups. I figured, what the hell, I'll give it another shot. Holy Cow! I did 2!

One thing very cool about Crossfit. If you just show up and try hard, you WILL see an improvement. Everyone in my class PR'ed tonight!


Mountain Goat said...

And I was there to see those PR's! Well, I actually only saw the pullups..sorry I was with my client and only heard the shouts of joy from your buddies when you got the backsquat. Nice work girl.

Trail Runner Con Dios said...

Girl, you are so much fun to chase! I managed a 120 back squat tonight, 25lb over my assessment in December.

Hearing you this morning clear two deadhangs made me quite hungry. I tried it after class tonight, and got MUCH closer than I ever have, but still didn't clear my chin... yet.

Thanks for posting your stats, I love watching your PR's. BTW: After O-lift tonight, I can confidently say my back is finally feeling better. Starting tomorrow, I'm back in our partnership game... 20/20!!!

Keep it up my friend and I'll do my best to stay on your heels!