Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mental Strength (aka Discipline)

I've realized one facet of training I love is that as I get more physically fit, my mind also becomes sharper.

I also realize that the constant honing of my mind's sharpness is what's going to give me the edge I need to take my body to the next level.

Like anyone, "I don't want to do what I don't want to do." I really need and want to challenge myself to push through those mental barriers and stops just because they are uncomfortable or don't "feel" good.

This is especially true, since I've just taken on a commission based sales position again. I used to be the top of my field doing sales a number of years ago, and it is a field I only enter if I am willing to fight. Mental acuity, perserverance and attitude are the ONLY reasons one becomes successful in that industry.

It is constantly pushing past the "I don't feel like making another phone call" that ultimately gets the job done.

This directly relates to what is holding me back physically too. "Oh, it's uncomfortable", or "oh it hurts, I want to stop now" frequents my mind, even when I KNOW I am capable of more. I'm a bit of a baby still when it comes to pain. I know that with practice in handling it, my tolerance will increase, and I believe that by at least recognizing this, I am on my way to conquering it further.

Granted, my body has limits. I get that. But inherently I KNOW that I can push a little harder than I do, and that overcoming these mental obstacles is key.

On that note, Kellie and I (who both got on the board for doing Cindy to standard for the first time ever this week), both admittedly SUCK at pushups. And both of us can use some work on our squats too (who can't?). So we've both agreed to do 20 wall squats (Ow! Yuck! Hate 'em) and 20 pushups (feel about the same way) daily.

The discipline will come in when "I'm tired", or "it's late" or whatever bullshit excuse I know my mind will try to feed me when it comes time to get these done daily. And we're talking less than 5 minutes of work here!

So here's my opportunity to work on my body by way of my mind--with the good fortune of having a friend to be accountable to by my side.

Let's do it!

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Trail Runner Con Dios said...

Discipline... is so much easier when I'm not suffering alone. 20/20 plus a little yin yoga session. DONE

So glad for the extra incentive. Was quite stiff tonight and could easily have rationalized bailing, were it not for our little deal.

Thanks my friend!