Saturday, February 7, 2009

Zone is Working!

I've been adamantly sticking to the Zone for the last 2 weeks with no cheating whatsoever. It's great! If anyone ever thinks they need drugs, dude, they should just do the Zone. It's like being on speed, regarding the amount of intensity and energy you have....but it doesn't die out, so long as you stay in the Zone.

However, like Katie, I have noticed an increased edginess. The aggression part of it, I think is good, but sometimes I feel so aggressive, I find myself becoming very impatient with people who I love.

So I'm going to try changing some things around a bit.

I'm going to start the Paleo Diet this week, although my reasons for that are more of an effort to find a way to train harder without getting sick so easily. I want to see if I can push the envelope a bit, b/c right now, even with rest days, if I have too many anaerobic days in a row, I can pretty much be assured of getting a cold.

Elsewhere in my life, things are coming along. I still don't have a job, but I've had two job offers (if I want to do commission only sales), I'm looking at starting my own business, and I've applied for the census.

Politically, I'm having a blast! The ONLY reason I got involved in politics is to further Hydrogen-on-demand. Lots of people don't know what this is. In a nutshell, it is a way that you can convert the car you have now to run partially on hydrogen, which is created by a small water tank "electrolyzer" you install under your hood.

The greatest thing about HOD is what it does for the environment--it decreases smog emissions up to 90%. But there are also other added bonuses, in that HOD increases power, torque and gas mileage.

So it's really quite cool, and virtually unknown.

So I'm involved in the Pickens Plan which is really fun, and I also head up a Burbank4Obama group. It's interesting to realize how much say we actually do have as citizens if we just band together and put pressure on our representatives.


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It Takes What It Takes said...

omg.....I have trouble if I try to get rid of all grains...and dairy too. I get really edgy, and for the sake of my children and my husband, I cannot be a nutritional I restrict, but do not completely cut out. My body needs cheese, oats and small amounts of rice. Without them I am I enjoy them in small amounts. Sanity is the way to go.