Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am Cause

Okay. So the FACT that I have no job is settling in, and I'm finding myself allowing fear to get a foothold. This is not good! I missed two anaerobic workouts in a row, so I'm feeling a bit down about that too.

It's time to get off my buff ass and get to work! I am CAUSE! If I sit here all day and don't look for work, only I am to blame for having no money. If I sit here and play on Facebook and don't make any calls out, only I am to blame for having no money.

I am not a victim, and it's time to get off me arse and prove that! Ayyy!

I have an opportunity to make some phone sales today. I am doing that.
I have an interview to be a personal assistant to someone today. I am going there.

Let's do it, woman!


Trail Runner Con Dios said...

I'm feeling ya sister! I've got my fingers in 4 different pots and none of them are boiling yet. Definitely humbling.

Keeping the faith can be a bitch when we're in the corridor with closed doors all around. The fact is... doors will open, they always do.

For now, I focus on my breath, keep doing the positive, trust all is exactly the way it's meant to be, and do my best to make Good Decisions... NOT based on temporary fears!

Hang in there my friend and if you find yourself with a "loud head" pick up the phone or let's get some coffee or share a workout. 626-241-6096

I'll be at 9am CF this morning.

ReriVeritas said...

Kelly, you are so awesome, inspirational and truly wonderful.

It is because of people like you in my life that I continue to pull through.

Yes, let's definitely do coffee!